Redwood Investments, LLC

One Gateway Center, Suite 802

Newton, MA 02458

Tel: (617) 467-3000

Fax: (617) 581-6677

Redwood Investments


Redwood Investments was founded in 2004, by Jennifer Silver and Michael Mufson, as a boutique equity investment management firm.  Prior to Redwood’s founding, Jennifer and Mike worked together at Putnam Investments where they generated highly competitive track records in U.S. Equity investing.  After years of managing domestic equity markets, Redwood expanded their offering to include international equity strategies in 2014.


Redwood manages approximately two billion dollars, using a team of investors and a singular process, across our different equity strategies.  As planned, institutional clients represent over 95% of our assets.  Members of our investment team, who average more than 25 years of experience, utilize what we believe to be an optimal blend of quantitative and qualitative research to build growth and core equity portfolios.  Our competitive advantages come from our independent ownership structure, the quality and experience of our investment team, a philosophically fundamentally driven investment approach that generates unique insights, and a portfolio construction mindset that is optimally diversified.



Our objectives going forward are to be known for our investment skill in US and International Markets, the merits of our specialized approach, our client communications, and a performance oriented culture.